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My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur.

My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers.

We discuss our shared love of surfing and how it shapes career choices and business decisions. In The Oceanriders Podcast, some of our guests have gone for an alternative way of life and strongly believe in downsizing, others however, are creating burgeoning businesses that give them an excuse to stay close to the ocean.

Basically, my guests will tell you their life path and how they have created or landed their dream job: a job that is close to the ocean and that enables them to chase waves.

Join me and my guests every Friday for a new episode.

Until then, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!


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    Episode 15: Meet Al Mennie, Big Wave Surfer, Author, Actor, Martial Arts Instructor and Property Developer

    This week, I got to sit down and chat with Al Mennie to talk about his latest book Overcome or Succumb, a book all about facing fear, anxiety and panic, in a goal to conquer life.

    Anxiety and Fear effect millions of people to varying degrees across the world and appear to be a growing issue despite lots of research and resources available in how to handle them. Al believes his experience surfing some of the biggest waves on the planet has lead him to understand anxiety, fear and panic and allowed him to handle lots of everyday situations with a similar approach.

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    Episode 14: Meet François Bareau, Accomplished Waterman, Serial Entrepreneur, and Owner of Scar Reef Lodge, Sumbawa

    François is a good vibes guru. He's spent most of his life in the outdoors. He is permanently tanned, dressed in colorful t-shirts and he's either barefoot or in flip flops. His hair is bleached by the salt and the sun, as he has been pursuing this tropical lifestyle for over 30 years. Behind this relaxed look is an incredible entrepreneur. From sports instructor to textile guru, graphic designer and now hotel owner, François has always been a true pioneer. This guy knows what it is to be outside his comfort zone and how to overcome challenges, against all odds.  From the French Alps to Sumbawa, Indonesia, François' path is a really interesting one.

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    Episode 13: Meet Bruno Monteferri, big waverider, environmental lawyer and filmmaker

    Today I am taking you to Lima (Peru) where I meet conservationist, lobbyist, filmmaker and environmental lawyer Bruno Monteferri.

    Bruno is former semi professional tennis player gone green, and one amazing human who is leading his nation into becoming one of the spearhead countries for Nature Conservation. We talk about conservation, the projects he's in charge of (there are many) and we get to talk about big waveriding in Peru.

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    Episode 12: Meet Sheridan Lathe aka Sheddy, the Saling Vet

    In today’s episode I wanted to share the story of Sheridan Lathe, aka Sheddy.

    Sheddy is from Australia. She is what you could call a wild or an adventure vet as she has been travelling the world saving wild animals in refuges and sanctuaries. I was blown away by her story.

    First of all, she had the guts to sell up all her belongings in Australia and move onto a sailboat called Chuffed in Panama. She has spent the last 2 years, saving some of the weirdest and cutest animals in Central America and learning on her own how to repair and keep her boat afloat. Lately she rediscovered surfing in the bucket list spot of Pavones Costa Rica. You could say that Sheddy is definitely creating her dream job on the go.

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    Episode 11: Meet Jenn Biestman, Waterwoman and Co-founder of Local-ish

    Today's conversation is taking us to Hawaii, on the island of Maui, where my guest was up before the chickens to talk to me, her name is Jenn Biestman. 

    Jenn's story is truly uplifting. 

    At the age of 27, Jenn suffered a severe back injury that left her immobilized and in pain with no real prospect of recovery. Basically, the doctors had made it clear that her life as an adventurous human being was doomed… In the turmoil of having to face this life-shattering news, she hobbled to the airport, and took off to Maui to try to figure things out. 

    This is the uplifting story of her recovery, how she hacked surfing progression to become a downwind SUP racer, hydrofoiler and experimented surfer, and what inspired her to create her stylish and meaningful clothing brand called Local-ish and eventually drop out of the corporate ladder.

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    Episode 10: Meet Simon Day, co-founder of North Sea surf brand, Fitzroy

    Today's conversation is with Simon Day, the co-founder of a burgeoning surf brand in the UK called Fitzroy. Today we're off to the North Sea!

    To understand Simon's story, you have to go back a generation. Simon grew up with the North Sea as his playground, getting dizzy in the garden shed watching his Dad make kayaks and repair surfboards.

    Simon started out as an ice hockey player and worked his way up the corporate ladder of winter sports companies working in retail and then in design. But surfing had always been part of his life: the beach was across the road from home. When one of his Dad's friends retired and gave him a set of shaping tools, he was finally equipped to become a shaper. It only took a nudge from his best mate David Haigh to start the ball rolling and to create Fitzroy, one of the rare North Sea surfing brands.

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    Episode 9: Meet Dr Javier Leon, creator of the Geography of Surfing course at the University of the Sunshine Coast

    I was intrigued when I found out that the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) near Noosa, Australia, announced a new course called "Geography of Surfing" elective for Bachelor students. In the wake of this announcement, I had to talk to the course's coordinator, Dr Javier Leon…

    Javier is a USC professor, a bodyboarder and a longboarder, who has a PhD in Coastal Geomorphology. His passion has always been the ocean and his research has enabled him to work along the world's coastlines to fulfill his "duties" as a scientist. Javier has been spending the past 3 years preparing a new course called "Geography of Surfing" for undergraduate students. It's a field elective at the USC near Noosa. He has and has curated a set of surf related subjects and research studies for his lucky students. He has convinced the crème de la crème of Australian surfing legends to teach some of the subjects that you'll find about in our conversation. During the episode, we find out what students learn, how to sign up and what guest star teachers students will have the privilege of meeting.

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    Episode 8 : Meet Clarissa Kusel and Tiare Hoegerman, founders of The Ocean is Female

    My guests today are two wonderful surfers from California: Tiare Hoegerman and Clarissa Kusel, the founders of The Ocean is Female.

    About a year ago, Clarissa and Tiare decided to launch an Instagram account, and a Blog, called The Ocean is Female. The idea behind this side hustle, was to give an outlet for women surfers who want to share their stories and to find women who really surf and whose image doesn’t just boil down to a supermodel in a tiny bikini.

    What started as a project in October 2017, is snowballing into an encyclopedia of inspiring and empowering female surf stories.

    Today’s conversation is a tale of all tales. It’s an opportunity to meet the people behind this beautiful and refreshing non profit project. Clarissa and Tiare have a contagious sense of humour and share their story about the inception of the project, how to be a part of it, and their hilarious personal surf and travel stories.

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    Episode 7 : Meet Amy Schwartz, co-founder of Unleash Surf

    In today's episode, I will be taking you to Peru where my guest Amy Schwartz is running a remote working experience for surfers with wanderlust. Amy's family business (she created it with her partner, John) [Unleash Surf][1] has been featured in The Inertia, GQ magazine, and even Forbes as THE destination for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take a step back from their 9–5 grind and put a new perspective on their careers. We talk about the untouched surf spots of Peru, the challenges of running an international business, and of course surfing!

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    Episode 6: Meet Simon Short, Author of "The Average Surfer's Guide to Travel, Waves and Progression"

    Today my guest is Simon Short, also known as The Average Surfer. Simon is from England but he lives in sunny California. He is a writer. He has been a regular contributor to The Inertia, one of the coolest surfing magazines on the planet.

    In 2016, he attracted a lot of attention when he published an inspiring article about Surfing, Depression and the Need for Identity. The success of this intimate and moving story inspired him to continue writing.

    Fast forward 2 years later and next Monday (November 19th) Simon is launching his first book. It’s called "The Average Surfer’s Guide to Travel, Waves and Progression", it’s a true story and a riveting read. Simon reached out to me about a month ago, and sent me his book, and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. The writing is wonderful and Simon really nails it when he defines what an average surfer is and how surfing affects us. Beyond business and entrepreneurship, Simon and I discuss how surfing is more than just a sport : it’s an identity, a community, it’s a lifestyle and as Simon would put it, "it breeds in us the love for the the environment, for travel, for adventure and for other people. " Simon is a living breathing example of how we can prioritize our passions to become happier people and better humans. And this is his story...

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